UGC videos in a gaming style — trendy idea for your business

Let’s get all the details sorted out from the start. In this piece, we will not consider gaming content, despite its current popularity. Marketers are currently investing significant sums in UGC for various games.

But our focus here will be on any niche, such as business, beauty, applications, and healthy lifestyle, where strong creative content can be developed by incorporating gamification.

The power of gaming

Currently, gamification, which involves integrating game elements into non-game activities to enhance motivation, has become widespread. It is being applied to various areas such as education, work, and consumer purchasing, by incorporating features like:
— scenarios,
— interface,
— virtual currency,
— ratings,
— rewards.

This innovative approach has proven to boost employee involvement, encourage students to complete courses, and enhance academic achievement.
Notably, gamification expanded to include content in the early 2020s.

Gaming style in UGC

Creatives often utilize gaming-style elements, with video being the most common format. To enhance the effect, characteristic dies, animation, font, and specific music are used.

For example, in a video created for a dating app, game elements were added to appeal to the target audience of gamers, both male and female. Amidst the music, the primary message is conveyed here through a straightforward set of points, a familiar feature found in many gaming experiences.

It is important for the game format to enhance and not confuse the viewer’s understanding of the video’s message.
In another video, clear and readable visual images of girls in gaming headphones and chairs were used, along with clickable buttons.

The creative style can vary, with different styles trending at different times.

Gaming style in our creatives for Magnet app:

Gaming trends in UGC

In 2021, the trend of emulating The Sims' creativity took hold, characterized by the iconic green symbol above characters' heads and distinctive movements. This approach was adopted across various niches, injecting fresh perspectives into traditional themes.

Sims example from UGC SPACE (2021) :

If you’re weary of typical dress-up conten consider creating it in a gaming style. Or explore your acting skills by incorporating game-like elements into your videos, enhancing storytelling.

By 2023, the trend started fading, yet its relevance persisted, particularly in business. A notable example is a vegetable video that integrated The Sims-style features alongside new gaming trends relevant in 2024.

A new trend of 2024

A trend emerged at the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 in Reels featuring childhood games, where users could create and dress up a female.

This style is reminiscent of mini online games and requires precise removal of backgrounds and seamless blending. Professional editing is also necessary. For trending videos with gamification, reach out to our agency "UGC SPACE". We collaborate with creators worldwide to produce videos for any niche.

Here are some examples of how many-games can be customized to fit your niche:
— Travel: packing the heroine’s suitcase
— Lifestyle: showcasing the heroine’s interests, hobbies, pets, etc.
— Flower shop: going on a date and choosing a bouquet

UGC SPACE example gaming style also for, but 2024:

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