How to improve your UGC hook?

When it comes to your video, a hook is the first impression that sets the tone, just like in real life—if it doesn’t grab attention right away, it’s tough to make a lasting impact.

A hook: what is it

A hook in video is that captivating element right at the beginning of your video that grabs the viewer’s attention and keeps them interested in watching more. A catchy hook allows you to grab a person from mindlessly scrolling through their social media feed.


The duration of a hook can vary from a few milliseconds to 3 seconds in your video.

Hook examples

The hook for your UGC video can be in different views: text with voiceover on the first row /, short amazing frame or painful question from creator. For example, an unusual hook that we made inside our previous ads package for a digital planner app Ikiteo:
You shouldn’t overuse "illogical" hooks; the audience doesn’t always like it. After unusual hooks, the main part of the video should be strong.

Hook’s ideas
Video content uses text and visual hooks. Below there are examples of text hooks that will enhance the beginning of your video and grab viewer’s attention:

— Surprising Statistic or points: "Did you know that you lose 80% of your life time ?"
— NEVER and NOBODY: "Nobody told me about that!"
— Secret Knowledge: "i learned about this for 2 years but teach you now for 20 seconds"
— Problem and Solution: "Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by clutter? i found simple lifehack…"
— Emotional Hook: tears/ laughing/ angry (p.s. negative emotions more effective for hooks)

The key to a successful hook is to be creative, relevant to your content, and tailored to your audience. When we write hooks for cases, we rely on interests, pain points and values of the target audience, analyze the videos being closed and offer the customer a choice of several hook options. You should test several hooks for your creatives to understand which wording hooks the viewer better

UGC SPACE hooks example (feels like the video upload a long time in the beginning)

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